LearnOBots Introduces Winter Robotic Workshop for Kids

Winter Vacations are starting. It’s the time of year when parents have to plan activities for their young kids. Well, one obvious utilization of winter vacations is traveling. Other than that it is important that as a parent you enroll your kids in interesting learning activities and make constructive use of the vacations available.

LearnOBots is a company that is promoting innovation in kids in the fields of arts, science, and technology.

From 26th to 29th December 2017& 1st to 4th January 2017, LearnOBots is introducing two exciting workshops for children in between the age group 8-14.

The workshop called ‘Robotics for Kids’ is a four-day workshop with 2.5-hour sessions per day. This workshop will be held on both the above-mentioned dates.

Another workshop that they are introducing is ‘Android App Development for Kids’, which is a 3-day workshop with 2.5-hour sessions per day. The aim of the workshop is to help kids create their own games and animated stories. This workshop will be held from 26th to 29th December 2017.

The training of Robotics and Android App Development is given to kids from the basic level.

The workshop will be held in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. The last date to apply is 23rd December 2017.

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Academic Education is important, but along with it, it is essential that we introduce our kids to these inventive activities. Opening the minds of young souls, sharpening their analytical skills, enriching their talents and allowing them to explore their passion is the ultimate goal of such advanced workshops.