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Lenovo One Merges Windows And Android Into One

Lenovo One

Lenovo One is the new technology developed by the company which connects Mobile Phones with the PCs and performs tasks such as file sharing at the same speed.

Today, Vice President of Lenovo Group and head of Lenovo Mobile China region hinted about upcoming Lenovo One, According to Chang Cheng “PC’s large-screen productivity comes across the world of 5G era of mobile phones now. Lenovo One has bridged the gap and made it possible for Windows and Android merge into One”.

The name “One” explains itself, the screenshot also tells the story of how the devices are interconnected. Lenovo One supports Bluetooth for fast connection and the computer reversely controls the mobile phone, it transfers files at the same speed, breaking the barriers between the devices and improving the work efficiency.

The screenshot shows the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G is connected with Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon using the technology Lenovo One. We do not currently have the definite release date of this technology and further details, unfortunately, however, we can expect to get more details about Lenovo One and how it works in the future.

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