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What to look for when choosing social media automation software

Choosing social media automation software is not a walk in the park. To ensure that the choice you are making is the right one, you need to take a lot of things into consideration. Some people just try to make a final decision without checking all of the possible options available on the market, while there are many things that need to be taken into account first. It is also always a good idea to try possible options to choose the best one for yourself, and for meeting all of the business needs and requirements. Long story short – what to look for in terms of choosing social media automation software?

Features of social media automation software

The most important thing is to take a deep look at the list of available features. It can turn out that the tool you like, and the one that is the most user-friendly, is lacking some options that are crucial for you and your business. For example, if you are in charge of communication for many social media profiles, you may require your tool to be more than a Facebook scheduler or Instagram scheduler. It should, obviously, be a Twitter scheduler as well, but it is always warmly welcomed if it is packed with other features too. While you need a good and reliable tool to schedule posts on social media, you should look at tools that also offer community management options (in some cases it can be called a social inbox) or advanced analytics. Why is it important? It simply helps you analyze your social media performance in real-time and therefore optimize your strategy in order to achieve the best results – explains a specialist from napoleoncat.com Of course, you can use external tools for it, but you are likely to pay extra for them. With the right social media management tool, you can combine a few tools in one. 

Trial period

You need to have some options for trying tools out. A very short trial won’t be enough for you to onboard yourself and your team and check out all of the possibilities that a particular tool offers. Before you make a final decision about purchasing, you need to be sure that the tool you’ve selected ticks all of the boxes. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a tool you don’t like for a couple of months if this is what your arrangements states. 

Price of social media automation software

Of course, the cost will always play a major role in choosing social media automation software. A simple Facebook scheduler can cost only a few bucks per month, but you need to answer one important question – is that all that you require from your social media tool? Probably not. So, as long as the price of this kind of software is a really important part of your budget, you need to take it as an investment, not just an expense. It can turn out that spending more on a reliable solution helps you avoid hiring another person to your team since you can automate more tasks that you thought before. If you never try, you’ll never know. 

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Reviews of social media automation tool

There is nothing better than checking out some reviews and comments on the Internet. It is always a good idea to take a look at some opinions of real users of a particular solution. Where to find such comments? You can try one of the various software review sites, or try to look for communities dedicated to a chosen tool. Many of them are visible on Facebook or Quora, where users exchange their feedback. You also can evaluate how well the customer service team is doing if they answer questions and doubts. If they are not active in the communities, and people do complain about the quality of services and support, it can be a clear sign for you that this tool may not meet your needs.

Wrap-up Before you buy your perfect social media automation software, you need to know if you only need to schedule your posts more efficiently (no matter if it is a Twitter scheduler or Instagram scheduler, etc.), or you are looking for a tool that will automate much more than this. Look at the features, budget, and reviews. Good luck!

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