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Lenovo’s yoga book features stun audience at IFA’16

Lenovo's yoga book

Lenovo’s yoga book is one of the gadgets showcased at the IFA this year which has garnered a lot of attention. IFA is a trade show that exhibits consumer electronics and home appliances. It takes place in Berlin, annually. Europe’s largest tech show is expected to go on till the 7th of September, 2016. Global electronic markets will get to show their electronics and other consumer home products.The feature of a digital notepad in Lenovo’s yoga book has generated a lot of audience interest and this can be the next big thing in the market.

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Lenovo’s yoga book feature is the courtesy of Wacom

The Verge reported that technology developed for digitizing scribble is by Wacom. Users need to put a paper on the touch panel of the Lenovo’s yoga book and start drawing on it using Lenovo’s pen which comes with real ink. The analog drawing will be digitalized on screen. The catch here is that consumers do not need to buy the Yoga book to use this awesome feature they can get it on cheaper rates from Wacom.

The digitizing technology that is found in Lenovo’s yoga book is available in Wacom’s new bamboo slate and bamboo folio notepads. Wacom gives user the pads as a single A5 or A4 panel, and Folio comes in a folding A4 envelope where users have extra slots for their documents and business cards.

Wacom works on the same principle explained in Lenovo’s yoga book but users have to bring their own paper and use the pen provided by Wacom to digitize their works on other gadgets. Doodles, drawings, random scribbles and even notes can be exported to user mobile and tablets in many formats which includes JPG, PDF and PNG. Everything is sent to Wacom’s Inkspace app which is available on appstore and android, which is coupled with 5GB cloud storage.

An A5 Bamboo slate from Wacom is worth $129.95, A4 slate is $149.95 while A4 Folio is $199.95.



Image via Lenovo