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Lexmark Vulnerability Affects several Printers

Anyone who owns a printer from the American manufacturer Lexmark should install an update on their device as soon as possible. A critical vulnerability has been found in the software. Lexmark has responded to the issue and made a patch available. The vulnerability allows hackers to execute arbitrary code on third-party printers. The vulnerability has been designated CVE-2021-44738 and affects many Lexmark models that have a PostScript interpreter. These include the models B2338, B2442, B2546, B2650, C925, M3250 and XM1135. if born city writes, a buffer overflow may occur in the interpreter. The developers have released updates for all affected systems.

Vulnerability is unknown yet

It is currently unclear how exactly the vulnerability works. It also remains unclear whether attackers have abused the vulnerability in practice. It can be assumed that in the future hackers will use the hole to take over foreign networks. An unsecured printer can be used to attack other devices.

Therefore, affected Lexmark customers are strongly encouraged to install the bundled update. You can use the installed firmware version to find out if your own printer is affected by the vulnerability. To do this, the user must call up the device settings and navigate to the “Reports” sub-item. The Device Information menu should then open. If the build number displayed there starts with a this side version listed matches, an update must be performed.