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LG 5G smartphone will be launched in the US by early 2019

LG 5G smartphone

LG Electronics has partnered with Sprint in order to deliver first LG 5G smartphones to the users in the United States by early 2019. The company “Sprint” has announced it on its website.

LG is trying to meet the deadline which is expected to be the first half of 2019, however, the phone’s specifications, details, and exact launch date would be announced later this year.

The partnership comes after every tech company including mobile manufacturers, hardware manufacturers, and telecoms are partnering with each other to tap on the market with huge potential as early as possible. In this row, Qualcomm has been working hard and announced a 5G mmWare chip for smartphones earlier month. Samsung is also working on Exynos 5G chips, while Huawei has conducted several 5G tests in different countries.

Nokia has also announced Future X architecture and Reefshark chipsets for 5G in February, while Oppo and Qualcomm are collaborating to develop 5G phones.

The partnership between Sprint a US-based telecom company and LG reveal plans not only for Sprint but also for LG which is focused and dedicated to announcing a flagship accommodating 5G modem in early 2019.

LG might integrate 5G modem and antennas from Qualcomm which has already tested mmWave signal modems for smartphones. The development of 5G smartphones and 5G networks will have to go hand in hand in order to leverage the 5G technology ahead. The telecoms such as Sprint announced earlier that six major US cities will be ready for 5G coverage which is about to launch next year.