LG TVs must experience a huge boost due to incorporation with AI


Despite being many things, LG is primarily a TV and display firm. The televisions sold by the South Korean juggernaut are among the best available. LG TVs are anticipated to have a significant performance increase in 2024, thanks to the Alpha 10 technology that will power them.

The processor that powers a TV determines its performance, just like with smartphones or PCs. Better image processing and overall graphics result from a better chip. With the aid of machine intelligence, LG employs its Alpha chip line in its TVs to provide improved visuals. The current generation is scheduled to debut in a few months.

Alpha 10 processor will improve the visual quality of LG TVs in 2024

With this new processor, LG has some significant plans, according to ETNews via TechRadar. Since the launch of the Alpha 9 CPU in 2018, this is LG’s processor’s first significant advancement. Since then, the chip has undergone iterative modifications every year. The Alpha 10 CPU, due out in 2019, is anticipated to be a significant improvement. Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about the technology itself.

What is certain is that this chip will advance technology due to its superior AI capabilities. LG offered enhancements to the functionality of its hardware. To connect to data centers with considerably more advanced technologies, the majority of devices that employ AI typically require the internet. The Alpha 10 processor, however, will be able to use AI directly on the chip.

Although we’re not sure how it will impact the video quality, it might provide for a bit more fascinating content. In a recent press release, LG stated that it would soon integrate a voice user interface (VUI) into its WebOS products. Users would then be able to navigate various programs using voice commands. For all we know, this chip might play a significant role in this endeavor.

There will be additional upgrades

As you might expect, there will also be advancements made to the TVs’ user-facing features. According to the corporation, AI audio enhancements will be made in addition to picture quality upgrades.

Additionally, LG is developing motion-sensing technologies. Where the viewer is will be determined by the TV. We’ll have to wait for further details on that, but despite how scary it sounds, we’re confident it could be used to gesture-control your TV.

Finally, LG has plans to use the Alpha 10 technology in more than just TVs. It might be utilized in LG items beyond smart appliances. Therefore, 2024 should be a fun year for business.

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