LlaMa 2 is a ChatGPT rival introduced by Meta

Facebook and Meta

For the previous few months, Meta has working on its own ChatGPT competitor. Just recently, the company introduced the product for public use. The company announced the arrival of new its AI product via a blog post. In association with a tech partner, the company has offered the product for public use.

As per the information, the new AI tool is based on the LlaMa 2 source language model. Microsoft is the chief product partner since it has worked in close association with Meta to introduce the new AI product. Right now, the AI industry is in full bloom. Nearly every tech company is working to play its part in its growth. Just a few months back, OpenAI was on the top lead with its ChatGPT model. Since then several companies have shown the urge to introduce AI support on their products and platforms.

Microsoft adopted the ChatGPT model for Bing search. Similarly, Google came forward with its own AI solution known as Bard. Besides these two tech giants, now Meta has introduced the next-gen of LlaMa. Notably, LlaMa is free for public use, thus adopting an open mindset to the diverse range of AI technology now available.

LlaMa abbreviates for Large language model Meta AI. It was conceived back in February 2023 and is more efficient than the GPT-3 model. Meta has spent the last few months making the model more efficient. Given the usability of this model, a wide range of industries like research and business corporations can use it. Besides this, it is available for public use free of cost.

In addition to this, the company has partnered with Microsoft to improve the availability of LlaMa 2 on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service. Well, this is quite exciting but the public should be aware of its potential risks and cons. It is gaining a lot of traction from the public already. It is expected that LlaMa 2 will be rolled out widely in the upcoming weeks.