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Lockheed Martin Reveals a New Supersonic Airplane

A quiet new supersonic airplane design has been unveiled. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has revealed the new supersonic airplane design leading to super-fast air travel.

At the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics conference in Dallas it was revealed that the Quiet Supersonic Technology Airliner is a smooth twin-engined jet plane. It will carry over 40 passengers at the speed of Mach 1.8.

The design of the plane leverages Lockheed Martin’s work with NASA to build X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology X-plane.

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The loud noise that was created by Concorde as it crossed the speed threshold of Mach 1 prevented the aircraft from operating the over-land routes. This reduced its economic viability.

Lockheed Martin said that tests are going on X-59 that can pave the path to rethink regulations that can prevent the overland supersonic flight. It wants to get ready with a commercial aircraft that can capitalize on the newly opened routes.

The LM aerospace engineer Mike Buonanno said that the technology is good to go once the concept is proved from NASA’s X-59 program.

He said,  “Right now, we’ve only done early conceptual design studies to establish that the design is feasible, do sizing for the concept, how big it should be, how much it should weigh… Those early sensitivity studies to make sure it all makes sense.”

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