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Looking for a Quality Smartphone in 2021? Check Out vivo Y20i

Vivo V20i

The most raved phone this 2021 is the newly-added model to vivo’s Y-series, the Y20i. But what makes it distinct among others? To simply put, it has a similar design like vivo’s high-end phones, and top-notch camera features for a price range that fits the budget, not to mention its design that will perfectly match your everyday style

If you’re looking for a quality smartphone to be your companion this year, you should keep an eye on the new vivo Y20i 2021 spec and be amazed by its high-quality specs with affordable price. 

Specifications and Features of vivo Y20i

AI Dual Bokeh Camera

The vivo Y20i has a dual-camera setup with 13MP rear camera while for the front camera, an 8MP is used for selfies. It has camera features like the 2MP Bokeh Camera, Portrait, Panorama, Live Photo, and DOC mode. 

The pictures produced by vivo Y20i are sharp, clear, and well-detailed especially with the Portrait mode, wherein it highlights the subject and separates the background. You can also customize it into Beauty Mode to accentuate features and effects. On the shooting side, it can record up to 1080p at 30fps but take note that there is no stability. 

6.51-inch Halo FullView Display with Eye Protection

The vivo Y20i sports a 6.51-inch Halo FullView Display with Eye Protection which is quite good for media consumption considering its price point. Though it has a notch which you can easily hide. Also, you can adjust the colour temperature of the display that suits your preference. 

Side-Mounted Fingerprint Scanner

vivo was innovative in terms of fingerprint placement. Instead of putting it at the rear part, they placed it at the side which also acts as a power button. Now, you can unlock your phone in just 0.22 seconds.

4GB RAM 64GB ROM Storage

Never worry about running out of storage with Y20i’s 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM storage. This memory is sufficient enough to handle day-to-day tasks and downloadable applications. You can now install your favourite mobile games without worrying about your storage and run as many apps as you want. 

MediaTek Helio P35

The vivo Y20i runs in MediaTek Helio P35, it is designed to speed up processing and calculating ability of a phone. Expect less to no lag when you’re jumping from one app to another.

5000mAh Battery

You get a 5000mAh battery with an inclusive 18W fast charging. The device could last almost 15 hours of moderate use with a maximum of two hours to generate a full charge. 

Multi Turbo 3.0

Almost similar to Ultra Game Mode, the Multi 3.0 also speeds up user experience but with additional features like detecting abnormalities when there are defects detected in third-party applications and locate problems before they even happen. 

Ultra Game Mode

Are you a gamer? This phone can be switched to Ultra Game Mode which means it gives users customizable settings such as turning off notifications, increasing gaming experience, and more! 

Considering vivo Y20i’s built, display, camera features, gaming modes, and battery lifespan, it is a pretty good catch for its price point that will not break the bank. Also, you got the upper hand since it can match up with middle-range phones to high ranking ones.