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Vivo X100 Ultra Comes With Powerful Imaging Capabilities

vivo x100 ultra

The image parameters of vivo X100 Ultra have been exposed recently by a Chinese leaker, according to the details. The front camera of this flagship phone has 50 million pixels and uses a Samsung JN1 sensor. The rear main camera is Sony LYT900, equipped with a complete 1-inch ultra-large bottom sensor.

The LYT900 sensor has 50 million pixels and a single pixel size of 1.6μm. Compared with IMX989, the power consumption of LYT900 is reduced by 43%, and the dynamic range is expanded to 14EV, which is 9.5 times that of IMX989, and can retain richer light and dark details.

In addition, Vivo X100 Ultra is also equipped with a 100mm 200-megapixel periscope telephoto lens, the model number is Samsung HP9. This lens supports up to 200x digital zoom and is supported by Zeiss APO lenses. It is one of the flagship phones with the strongest zoom capabilities in the industry.

In addition to powerful camera functions, vivo X100 Ultra also has a large battery of more than 5000mAh, 100W wired fast charging, NFC, infrared remote control, dual speakers, X-axis motor, IP68 waterproof and dustproof, and other functions. In addition, satellite communication capabilities are also supported.

vivo x100 ultra

Digital Chat Station stated that the imaging performance of vivo X100 Ultra is very powerful. The camera is evaluated as a professional camera that can make phone calls. This new product will be launched in May.


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