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Loom Download – Record & Share Screen Videos

After downloading Loom, you can record and annotate videos from Windows desktop and programs and send them as video messages easily. For example, Loom is always useful when feedback videos or commented instructions need to be created and shared with other people. Loom makes it easy to illustrate even complex problems. The software for Windows is currently available in version 0.112.9.

Video recording with Loom

Download and install Loom

Registration is required to use Loom. This can be done via your own email address or an existing Google or Slack account. In the basic version, Loom is free to use, so there is no cost to register.

Share screen videos with Loom

Three different recording modes can be selected via the Loom program interface, recording either the screen and webcam together, only the screen or only the webcam. In shared mode, the webcam’s image overlaps the rest of the shot, but it can also be exchanged for a photo. While recording, a drawing tool can be used to highlight key elements and areas on the screen. Mouse clicks can also be emphasized more visually. Videos are uploaded directly to Loom’s cloud server and from there can be shared with other users by forwarding the corresponding link, for example via email, Facebook or Twitter. If desired, access can be password protected or restricted to specific email addresses.

Free version of Loom with limitations

After the first installation, Loom can be fully tested for 14 days. After the test phase, the software can only be used to a limited extent. For example, recordings in HD resolution, the drawing tool or the simultaneous recording of desktop and webcam are reserved for paying customers. A detailed overview is available on the Loom website. In addition to the Windows version offered here, Loom is also available for Mac OS. Another version for iOS allows screen recording on iPhone and iPad. There is also one Extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to record directly in the browser. There is similar software with Jumpshare, which can also be used as classic cloud storage for exchanging files.