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MacBook Pro Appears To Have A Notch Problem Here Is How To Fix

Apple MacBook Pro - 14 Inch & 16 Inch

Apple’s new notebooks not only offer revised hardware, but also an innovation that has been causing discussions since it was first introduced: a notch. But this camera recess is not yet completely under control on the software side, Apple has now published a workaround for this.

Apple presented its new MacBook Pro models almost two weeks ago and these have an element that the iPhone has long become accustomed to, but which is not found in this form in notebooks. What is meant, of course, is the notch, which leaves a “notch” for the camera and the like in the middle of the screen.

In addition, the observations of the first users emerged yesterday, who noticed inconsistencies in the notch. These affect individual apps, but also the operating system itself, i.e. MacOS. There are problems with the menu ribbon, which disappears “behind” the notch, but also with the behavior of the mouse or the pointer. Videos of the first MacBook Pro buyers making fun of these bugs are circulating on Twitter.

You can and must leave the church in the village, as it is primarily a matter of bugs in individual apps and cosmetic errors, but with a company that is so focused on perfection as Apple, the professional world naturally looks all the more intensely at such errors.

Workaround hides the notch

Apple has now published a support document in which the company explains a workaround. You have to find the application that is causing the problem, open the app info, and tick the item “Adjust for camera recess”. In fact, this is only a temporary workaround for those who are bothered by it. Because here the notch is hidden, but the entire display is then scaled and shrunk.

In the case of Quinn Nelson’s video that got things rolling, Bjango, the developer of the app that can be seen, also spoke up on the Twitter comments. Bjango points out that this is not the fault of the iStat app, as it only uses the standard API NSStatusItems – as all other applications would do.

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