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MangoHud 0.6.7: Linux Gaming Overlay Gets More Features

The gaming overlay MangoHud for gaming on Linux has additional functions in the latest version 0.6.7 and shows the FPS and temperatures as well as the CPU and GPU usage of the system in even more variations. The overlay is designed for the OpenGL and Vulkan graphical interfaces.

Open source gaming overlay gets even more powerful

The highly customizable open source system tool MangoHud is even more comprehensive in the latest version 0.6.7 and, according to the official Release Notes various innovations and launch parameters, as well as optimizations and error corrections donated by the developers.


  • Show highest cpu freq instead of cumulative average
  • use sysfs scaling_cur_freq instead of /proc/cpuinfo for CPU core frequencies
  • EADesktop.exe and EALauncher.exe added to blacklist
  • Logger writes a summary by default
  • gpu_metrics using sysfs binary for amdgpu stats
  • Shows min and max frame time for the period
  • Battery parameter shows a plug icon when plugged in
  • Improved amdgpu stats accuracy by polling 100 times per period

bug fixes

  • Fixed splitgate crashes on amd gpus
  • Fixed: no AMD CPU power notification when using the zenpower module
  • Fixed regression in hardware info updater
  • Fixed bug where setting cpu cores to offline would crash mangohud/mango app


  • fps_only – Allows you to display only FPS (requires legacy_layout=0)
  • gamepad_battery – Shows battery and connection status for supported gamepads
  • gamepad_battery_icon – Replaces the percentage with a battery icon
  • frame_count – Shows the number of frames since the start
  • throttling_status – Indicates whether GPU is throttling based on Power, current, temp or “other” (only indicates whether throttling is currently occurring)

MangoHud 0.6.7 Release Notes

In the standard view, which can be adapted to the personal needs of the user with a large number of variables, MangoHub shows not only the installed version of the DirectX to Vulkan translator “DXVK”, but also the frames per second and frame times as the CPU -, GPU, RAM and VRAM usage of the computer system.

New gamepad and restriction stats

The latest version contains parameters for the battery status of any connected gamepad, the total number of frames, and information about a possible pinch off of the graphics processor.

MangoHud 0.6.7 in action (Image: MangoHud) Den Source code (ZIP) MangoHud 0.6.7 and other package repositories for various distributions are provided by the developers through the official project page available on the developer platform GitHub.

Support via GitHub and Discord

A detailed installation guide and the free assistance from the official Discord server of the project also help Linux newcomers set up the gaming overlay.

Record and share game sessions

In addition to pure monitoring, you can also record FPS and frame times via the MangoHud and upload the results via the website flightlessmango.com in the official benchmark database of the overlay as possible. Game sessions can be recorded, uploaded, and shared