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Marvel Movies Says Goodbye to Netflix, Going to Disney+

Netflix launched a Marvel offensive a few years ago, showing six series featuring some of the lesser-known characters from the comic book publisher, which is now familiar to every moviegoer. But they weren’t really successful and so the streaming giant dropped these characters. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher: these series were supposed to be a mainstay for Netflix, but they were not very well received by the public. While there are no concrete numbers (Netflix was very secretive about ratings back then), it’s safe to assume that only Daredevil and The Punisher were quite successful.

Leaving Netflix in a few days

However, the series that will actually be marketed as Netflix Originals will only be available there for a few more days. At the end of February, the above-mentioned series will disappear for good, which will largely end the long-term relationship between Disney and Netflix. What Disney plans to do with the series has not been entirely clear until now, but the media group is now providing part of the answer.

Because from March 16, the previous Netflix series can be seen on Disney +, but for the time being this only concerns one country, namely Canada. But that still means that in Europe you don’t necessarily have to wonder if Daredevil and Co. come to us, but only when. The whole thing is probably easier to answer in this country than in the US: because European subscribers to Disney + have the territory called the star, content only seen in North America comes on platforms and channels like Hulu or FX. right there. US customers can’t count on the series coming to Disney+, as the streaming platform there is more family-friendly than ours (because we also have a lot of “real” content on Star).


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