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McDonalds Had To Recall Its Product Fitness Tracker For Kids

McDonald's had to recall

McDonald’s a fast food retail giant supposedly has made a mistake and trying to rectify it by stepping back from their recent experiment, Mcdonald’s had to recall their watch;

McDonald’s offered in “Happy Meals Category” a fitness tracker for kids which could count and track steps taken by the kids throughout the day in order to keep them healthy and remain in shape.

But unfortunately, this trial didn’t last longer as

McDonald’s started receiving complaints from various customers about skin irritation because of wearing band.

It was a good indication of corporate social responsibility that McDonald’s in a press release has accepted this negligence and took a step to abandon this kids toy until the investigation is completed. According to CNET,  Terry Hickey McDonald’s spokesperson has reportedly said “There is nothing important more than the safety of our customers and we are probe into this issue as soon as possible”

McDonald’s has currently stopped distributing this fitness tracking device, It is important to mention that McDonald’s is not the only one who faced this issue, Intel also had to recall its “peak fitness watch” and informed users to discontinue the use of device because of its over-heating issue which could cause skin burns to sensitive skins.

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  1. Some big companies are already rolling out kids friendly fitness trackers, we’re still waiting on Fitbit to do the same, just like Garmin did.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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