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People Tend To Ignore Security Warnings 90% of the Time: Study Revealed

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With increasing cyber threats and privacy infringes, people are actively becoming more concerned about their online security, but study states; people ignore security warnings most of the time. Concerns about security doesn’t reflect in our routinized behavior, a study conducted by BYU University has revealed shocking findings in their research.

Researchers have identified real cause behind this


This also proves the idea of Dr. Jim Loehr who geometrically perceived and rightly said;

“There is no such thing as Multi-tasking”

dr jim loehr

Although these software alerts and security warnings provide real-time information to tackle the issue but it incurs huge cost if you pay more attention to these alerts. The cost is; “More stress and Low productivity”

BYU research indicated that all this is due to Multitasking interference; People tend to lose focus when they are involved in multitasking. Humans have cognitive limitations so that simpler tasks cannot be performed simultaneously with perfection, multitasking can reduce the performance and productivity dramatically”

The study was conducted using computers and brain sensors to measure the brain activity amongst participants. Data shows that “when participants focused on security alerts, it drastically reduced their ability to perform the task which they were doing earlier” even if they were just watching a video.

Study shows that 90% of Participants overlooked the security alert when they were in the middle of doing something important such as “Entering a confirmation code”, “About to close a web-page” or replying an email.

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