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MediaTek plans to create a chipset with an Nvidia GPU next year

According to some recent pieces of information, a deal has been made between MediaTek and Nvidia. As per the information, the two companies have agreed to design mobile chipsets with GeForce GPUs. They are expected to arrive as early as by the next year. The main target device of such chips would be Windows on ARM devices.

As of now, MediaTek is associated with the development of those chipsets that are used in entry-level Chromebooks. It accounts for 20% of MediaTek’s share in this market segment. Designing a flagship chip with a powerful Nvidia GPU will help the company to target the high-end laptop segment.

Nvidia owns its own ARM-based designs. One of the most famous Nintendo Switch runs on a Tegra chip. However, it has been around for quite long. Similarly, the Nvidia Shield is also an ancient one. Furthermore, the company also manufactures ARM boards with GeForce GPUs. They are particularly, used for machine learning tasks. For instance, the Jetson Orin NX consists of a 1,024-core Ampere GPU. it includes 32 Tensor cores and an 8-core Cortex-A78AE CPU. Furthermore, it features 16GB of RAM with a TDP of 10-25W.

Well, these are not designed for supporting Android or ChromeOS. Although the LineageOS port exists, however, it is not officially supported by Nvidia. Such a shortfall can be fixed with the help of MediaTek’s expertise. The GeForce GPU by Nvidia will help increase the gaming capacities of MediaTek chips. Currently, MediaTek utilizes ARM GPU designs. The AI capabilities of Nvidia will also be included. This could be challenging for Apple’s M-series-based laptops.

Well, there is no solid evidence whether these chips will be targeted for Windows laptops or will it extend to other devices like a low-power version that could be used for smartphones as well.

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