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Meizu 18 Max 5G Phone Leaked Specifications and Details

Meizu 18 Max 5G

Meizu had been out of the scene for the past few years, the company was unable to gain enough reverence from the users. The company lost its market share in the global markets and in China. The Chinese manufacturer hit by the competition and struggled to deliver proper software support for its customers. Despite all this, the Meizu kept pouring investment in the flagship segment. Earlier this year, we had the Meizu 17 series, however, the devices arrived in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. Since then, we haven’t heard much about Meizu. Now, a new fresh leak revealed some of the specifications of an upcoming flagship called Meizu 18 Max 5G. The device looks sight worthy with Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 and 120-Watt fast charge.

Meizu 18 Max 5G Offers Snapdragon 875 SoC And 120-Watt Fast Charging

According to the leak, the new flagship dubbed Meizu 18 Max will pack Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875 SoC. The new chipset will be based on the 5nm manufacturing process and will have an Octa-Core architecture with at least one powerful Cortex-X1 core. This particular core will bring an impressive boost in performance. It is 22% faster than the Cortex-A78 and 30% better than devices with Cortex-A77 cores. Apart from the promising next-gen chipset, the phone will pack UFS 3.1 Storage and LPDDR5 RAM. According to the leaks, this is a flagship that brings everything we expect on a 2021 phone.

Even the display is promising, according to the leak, we will have a 3K OLED display. This panel does not have punch-holes, notches, or bezels for the 31MP selfie camera. Apparently, Meizu will be the second Chinese company to jump into the in-display camera selfie trend. On the back, the device comprises a 64MP main camera with a ZEISS lens. We have a circular camera shape here.

The leaked image also reveals the whopping 120W fast-charging technology. This is for wired charging, when it comes to wireless charging capabilities, the devices also impress with 45W wireless charging support. For a quick comparison, the Meizu 17 brings just 30W wired-charging and 27 wireless charging. Other rumored specifications include dual stereo speakers (The earpiece should act as a secondary speaker), dual linear vibration motor for gaming. The latter feature is something that Meizu has been proud of since the release of the Meizu 17 series. Hopefully, the phone will ship with Android 11 straight out of the box, and of course, an updated version of FlymeOS running above. It is still a leak and not the confirmed official detail about the device, so we should take it as a grain of salt. However, the device looks pretty well equipped and specs like this coming from Meizu weren’t expected.