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Nokia To Reproduce Classic Nokia 6300 And Nokia 8000

Nokia 6300 Nokia 8000

More than a decade ago, Nokia’s mobile phone share in the Chinese market was close to 50%, and many of its mobile phones have already become absolute benchmarks in the hearts of many users. According to the latest reports, Nokia’s two old classic models, the 6300 and 8000, will usher in a re-enactment, and the re-enactment may be authentic, that is, the appearance will not be adjusted, and it is likely to be consistent with the original.

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The report mentioned that the reproduced replicas of the Nokia 6 300 and 8000 phones will add support for 4G networks, and will also provide a dual SIM card version, running the Ka iOS system. Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000 is a product launched by the brand in the 1990s. It is loved by consumers because of its many innovations. It is also a product that the brand takes in the high-end product line.

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Among them, the Nokia 6300 was unveiled in 2007. The price at the time was 300 euros. It was equipped with a 2-inch color screen on the front and a 2-megapixel lens to support memory card expansion.

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