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Meizu Betting On iPhone Security To Sell Meizu 18

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Today morning, Meizu announced that it will sell an iPhone that is as safe as the Meizu 18 series at 10:00 tomorrow (China Time) on the Meizu Store. Meizu said that in the field of secure mobile phones, the iPhone is both a rival and a friend, and the Meizu store only sells secure mobile phones.

It is worth mentioning that, perhaps this is the first time in history that Android phone manufacturers sell iPhones in their own stores.

However, some users left a message saying, “Sell Apple? Seriously?” Meizu official replied that they were serious.

Shortly after the official announcement of the news, Meizu Technology Marketing Director Wan Zhiqiang said, “It is a tribute to the user’s core rights and interests experience. I only recommend two secure phones in the iOS world and the Android world.”

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It is reported that in iOS 14.5, Apple will launch the “application tracking transparent” function, which is designed to allow users the autonomy of whether personal information can be tracked by application developers. Similarly, Meizu Technology officially announced that the Flyme 9 privacy protection has been upgraded, and the Meizu 18 series will enable the “restricted application tracking” function by default.

According to the official, Meizu hopes to return this right to users, and applications need to be authorized before they can track or access user device advertising identifiers to better protect user privacy.

At the Meizu 18 series conference, Meizu officially stated that the Meizu 18 series will be a “three zero mobile phone” with 0 advertisements, 0 pre-installed third-party applications, and 0 operation pushes.

In addition, Meizu 18 has also launched a number of functions for user privacy protection, including four major equipment: all-seeing eagle eye, guardian sceptre, invisible boots, and privacy cloak, which can completely transparentize each mobile phone APP and make every move. All are under the control of users to better protect user privacy.

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