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Messenger Kids Introduces new Features allowing Parents to have More Control


Facebook has increased parents’ control on Messenger Kids. Messenger Kids is Facebook’s messaging app for children under 13. The social media giants have introduced new features for Messenger Kids that will enable parents to check the recent contacts of their children and chat history.

This decision has been taken following Facebook accepting a flaw that allowed thousands of users to join group chats that their parents hadn’t permitted.

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More features added to Messenger Kids are a log of images sent within chats, a contact list the child has blocked and the ability to remotely log their child out of the app.

Also, parents would have the authority to download all of their children’s Messenger Kids information in one go. The downloaded information will include contacts of the child, messages, images, and videos that have been sent or received. If parents do that, the child will be informed.

Within the shortcut menu of the Facebook app, the Parent dashboard can be accessed. Parents can scroll to the Messenger Kids icon.

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It is pertinent to mention here that a pair of US senators wrote to CEO Mark Zuckerberg to say they were “disturbed” by a security flaw that appeared in Messenger Kids last summer. Since its launch back in December 2017, the app has been controversial with child advocacy groups urging Facebook to close it.