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Meta’s is working on an Instagram-branded Twitter competitor

Meta is a quite powerful attorney, as its most popular platforms are Facebook and Instagram. But as per information, it seems that Meta is ready to take over Twitter too by launching its own competitor against Twitter. This latest platform has a secret codename: P92.

As Twitter has become a home for chaos, we have been hearing quite a lot of alternatives. As soon as Elon Musk took over the platform, people started moving away from the Bird app. Following this situation, there are now quite a lot of alternatives ready to take over the platform.

Twitter has come a long way and is beginning to settle down, but still, people are searching for alternatives. In these circumstances, Twitter is going to face a lot of competition.

Meta is ready to present a rival for Twitter with a secret code P92

As per information from MoneyControl, Meta is working on bringing an alternative platform into competition with Twitter. A spokesman from Meta has also confirmed this matter. Although we haven’t gotten our hands on all the information about this platform, we have surely gotten some.

As of the start, this platform will work as a decentralised one. This fact is quite interesting about this platform. ActivityPub will be supported by P92. This decentralisation protocol is the same as Mastodon.

This latest platform, P92, will work as an individual platform, but there are rumours that it will be branded by Instagram. Although it’s quite weird that it will only hold text-based updates, Instagram is much more of a photo/video-based platform than a text-based platform.

However, it can be commercialised as an extension of Instagram. You will be able to share pictures and videos on Instagram, and along with that, you will also be able to add text-based updates on this platform. We cannot say anything for sure.

Instagram provides a text-based caption along with your pictures and videos, but it doesn’t allow you to really interact with this text-based information, nor will it let you copy that text. Although you can now post your links via posts,

However, we’re not sure about the progress yet, as we cannot say for sure at what stage this project is. Of course, we’ll get updates on this latest project in the coming days. We really hope that Twitter is all gear up to face this whole situation.

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