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Google is planning to bring Android 14 with auto-confirming PINs

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In terms of security passcodes, phones can be generalized into two categories: There are devices that contain auto-confirmation for pins, and the other category is without them. There is a huge difference between these two categories in terms of security. But according to the latest news, Google is planning to bring auto-confirming pins with its latest device, Android 14.

Although there isn’t that much difference between these two kinds of PINs, As normally happens when you enter your PIN, you’ll need to press the enter button to get into your phone.

However, with some companies like One Plus, Samsung will let your device unlocked as soon as you enter the pin of your device. On these devices, you don’t need to press the Enter button. Although this method saves time and is less stressful, it provides less security.

Android 14 will contain auto-confirming pins

As per information from XDA developers, Google is planning to launch Android 14 with auto-confirming PINs. This feature was discovered in the second developer view, so it won’t be available to you just yet. You surely need to wait a bit for it.

The software will enable this and allow you to turn on and off auto-confirming PINs. You must use a PIN that is at least six digits long when it is turned on. Using an auto-confirming PIN for a four-digit PIN is only asking for trouble because they are less secure.

The software appears to toggle the feature on automatically once it is enabled. This will encourage users to create PINs with at least six digits, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

The settings page for this feature will also see a little update. “However, a 6-digit PIN is advised for enhanced security,” the statement will say. It appears that Google intends to encourage users to create their own PINs containing six digits.

As this was discovered in the developer preview, we can’t really tell if it will be developed to the final stage or not. We just hope to find this feature in Android 14, as Google is planning to add it in.

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