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DRAP Has Introduced National Online Registration System For Cardiac Stent

The system of manufacturing, importing and using Cardiac Stent is getting digitalized. DRAP has initialized an online national registry process for Cardiac Stent. For the first time a whole system is being established for usage of a medical device. From information of manufacturer of Cardiac Stent, to its importer to the person utilizing it, everything is being pen down with evidence of its authenticity.

It is essential now for the importer to provide the details of source, importation reference, expiry, quantity, rate and amount of the cardiac stent. Moreover the product information, where it is being sold along with sale invoice number would also be taken by the importer.

The data is taken from both the parties. Along with details of the importer, the information of the patient and purchase date of Cardiac Stent is also taken by the medical institution. This whole process is being done to ensure transparency and genuineness of the stent. Moreover not everybody is allowed to access this sensitive information. Only users who are registered with DRAP can get access to these facts and figures.

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The process looks long and tiring but statistics show that 38 importers have already registered and the procedure took them only three days. Cardiac Stent is a necessity of many heart patients. It is important that a tube that can save lives is only taken from rightful manufacturers and importers and given to genuine people.

Image via: Slideshare