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Microsoft Announces Mandatory Vaccination For Employees And Visitors


Vaccinations against Sars-CoV-2 are now widespread and also important because there is no question that this is the only way to get the pandemic under control. There is seldom a state vaccination requirement, on the other hand, companies are expressing this more and more often, including Microsoft.

Corona vaccinations were initially in great demand, but are now available in sufficient quantities. But the vaccination rates are falling, as there are still many who are skeptical and accept the risk of infection – but also endanger others. In many places, people, therefore, try special incentives, and in some countries, a more or less strict compulsory vaccination is being discussed.

Microsoft is Focused

The latter is of course difficult, of course, companies find it easier here because they have house rights. Large corporations such as Google and Facebook have already made use of this, and Microsoft is now following suit. The Redmond company is also doing it consistently and, according to The Verge, has informed its employees that from September everyone who wants to enter a Microsoft building in the USA must prove a vaccination against Sars-CoV-2.

This also applies to guests or suppliers, because they are also not allowed to enter Microsoft buildings if they have not been vaccinated against Corona. Exceptions are possible, however, and there will be special solutions for employees who are not vaccinated for medical or other (e.g. religious) reasons.

The Redmond Group explains the decision in a statement and emphasizes that the health and safety of employees have top priority. The compulsory vaccination is an intermediate step towards the full opening of all offices, which is planned for October 4, 2021. However, that is not set in stone: “We will continue to review the situation in every region, every country, and every state in which we operate at the local level and adjust the dates and measures if necessary.”