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Microsoft Teams Call Transfer Is Now Available On Phones

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Microsoft Teams now makes it possible to transfer calls and video conferences between desktop and mobile apps. Current calls can thus be transferred easily and without interruption from the PC or notebook to smartphones and tablets.

In Redmond, hybrid work is the focus, especially in times of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the related features within Microsoft Teams is the ability to seamlessly transfer calls from one device to the other. So far, the so-called “Transfer Calls” feature was only available for owners of Windows and Mac devices who use the native desktop apps of the popular communication tool. However, the Microsoft 365 roadmap indicates that the transfer to mobile devices should now also be possible.

Microsoft Starts Global Rollout Of “Transfer Calls” Feature

As early as September 2020, the company from Redmond confirmed the development work on said function in order to better integrate Microsoft Teams into the everyday life of users on smartphones and tablets. The status update now shows the finalization of the transfer option and worldwide distribution of the feature for devices with Google Android and Apple iOS, among others. As is well known, the rollout is likely to take place in waves, which is why a few days or even weeks could pass before all team users are equipped with the new “call transfer”.

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The theoretical functionality is quite simple: If two systems are connected to the same Microsoft Teams account via the desktop and mobile app, ongoing (group) calls or video conferences can be transferred between the respective devices via a “Join now” button become. As can be seen in the animation, it is possible to transfer the call entirely from the desktop to the mobile device and vice versa or to attend the conversation with both devices. The latter option, however, only allows audio transmission on one system.

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