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Microsoft confirms a problem with voice input in Windows 11

With Windows 11 the possibility to create texts by voice input starts. This dictation function is supported by an AI. Normally, the detection can be started with the key combination Win + H, but now Microsoft has confirmed a problem. Users previously reported significant difficulties with voice input in Windows 11 – it could not be started.

Except for error messages such as “Something went wrong”, nothing happened when trying to open the dictation function. According to the report of an Online magazine, Neowin Microsoft is aware of the problem and has taken action. First, the error was confirmed and a solution was promised. Microsoft has a corresponding new entry in the Support section published. But it also says that the problem could be solved with a server-side update.

Windows 11 known issues and notifications

  • If you try to open Narrator by pressing Windows key + h, you may get a “Something went wrong” error message. When this error occurs, voice input does not open.
  • Resolution: This issue was addressed through a server-side change. Speech input should now open and work as expected.

Affected platforms:

  • Client: Windows 11, version 21H2
  • Servers: None

Microsoft fixes bugs quickly

The speech recognition service in Windows 11 should already be fully functional again. It didn’t take too long for Microsoft to spot the problem and fix it. The company has already confirmed this in the Windows Health Dashboard.

All affected Windows users should now be able to use voice input in Windows 11 via the Win + H key combination or other methods (Start from the menu, etc.). The fix does not require any further action from the users.