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Windows 11 22H2 Big Update Is Around The Corner

The release of the Windows 11 22H2 update is imminent. Analysts are no longer the only ones to conclude that September 20th will start, Microsoft itself also provides various indications. Among other things, the ISO files exchange their insider status for the final version. The fine-tuning of Windows 11 22H2 seems to have been completed in Redmond.

The final ISO files of the new Windows version can already be found on the official Microsoft servers. These are available, among other things, for in-place upgrades from the current version 21H2 to the new 22H2 or for completely new installations.

It should therefore only be a few days until the first major Windows 11 update appears. In the run-up to tomorrow, September 20, 2022, which Microsoft could theoretically comply with, had leaked out. However, an official confirmation is still pending. It also remains unclear whether all compatible PCs will be supplied with Windows 11 22H2 by the deadline or whether the update will be carried out in waves as usual.

Windows 11 2022 Update Details

The changes of the 22H2 update are mainly visible in the start menu and on the taskbar. Microsoft offers more options for personalization, including the display of additional apps and the integration of app folders. It also improves the view for grouped windows and brings back the drag-and-drop functionality for the taskbar. This can be used to bring up programs that are already open or to pin apps to the taskbar.

In addition, the task manager has been given a makeover including dark mode, a “do not disturb” mode for notifications has been introduced, interface elements such as Alt + TAB have been refreshed and the file explorer has been minimally revised. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for the long-awaited Explorer tabs. In our Windows 11 special we will keep you informed about the 22H2 update as soon as the starting signal has been given.

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