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Microsoft Confirms To End Support For Diagnostic Tool MSDT

About four weeks ago it was leaked that Microsoft wanted to scrap the so-called “Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool”, MSDT for short. Now the group has confirmed these rumors. The tool will therefore be gradually retired.

Without having a new tool in hand, the end of the MSD tool is not announced after all. The confirmation for the setting can now be found in the Microsoft support area.

It says: “Microsoft is retiring the Windows legacy inbox troubleshooters, such as keyboard and language troubleshooters, and the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) that runs them. The legacy inbox Windows troubleshooters are built-in Tools that automatically diagnose and fix common boot-time issues for a variety of Windows features. MSDT troubleshooters will be deprecated in the next Windows 11 release, with the date determined.”

The schedule for the next three years:

  • 2023 – Begin redirecting some troubleshooting settings to the new Get Help troubleshooting platform
  • 2024 – Complete the redirect troubleshooter and remove the remaining troubleshooters
  • 2025 – Removal of the MSDT platform

The so-called EOL point (End Of Life) is confirmed for the year 2025, which also implies that the next-generation Windows version will no longer offer the application or may no longer support it at all.

What is the Support Diagnostic Tool?

The Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool is a special component of the operating system for remote data diagnostics. It works in the background as a Windows service. Over the past year, MSDT has been the target of frequent attacks ( we reported) due to vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution. This prompted many administrators to disable the tool. This may be a reason why Microsoft will not continue the software.