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Microsoft Announces ChatGPT And Bing Integration

Microsoft is taking the competition with Google to the next level and surprisingly announced the integration of the next version of the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT in the Bing search engine and the Edge browser one day before the competitor’s AI event.

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced, the company is reinventing search on the Internet starting today. With the help of the technologies developed by the start-up company OpenAI from the field of artificial intelligence, which also forms the basis for ChatGPT, Microsoft’s search engine Bing should now become much more attractive – and provide sophisticated answers to all kinds of questions.

AI features in Bing are now available in preview only

First of all: Microsoft does not yet use the latest version of ChatGPT 4.0 in Bing, which OpenAI wants to present soon. Instead, they are initially relying on a mixture of products from the start-up, in which the software company plans to invest at least ten billion dollars over the next few years. In the long term, they want to secure exclusive access to the AI ​​technologies of the company around founder Sam Altman.

The AI-supported Internet search should already be available as a preview on Bing.com, with Microsoft speaking of limited availability, which is to be extended to “millions” of users over the next few weeks. To use the new AI functionality, you can send example requests to Bing and be put on a waiting list. For the time being, this only works on the desktop, before a mobile version is to be made available soon.

Bing uses specially adapted AI models from OpenAI & Microsoft

According to Microsoft, Bing uses a new “next generation” AI language model from OpenAI, which is more powerful than ChatGPT and has been specially adapted for use as part of a search engine. The most important findings from ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 have been incorporated into the new model, whereby the new version at Bing should be faster and more accurate and should be able to do more overall.

Additionally, Microsoft has developed its own AI model called “Prometheus” which is used to interact with OpenAI’s language model to maximize its performance. Prometheus should ensure that the AI ​​answers are always as relevant, timely, and thematically appropriate as possible, but at the same time safe.

AI should also make the “normal” Bing search better

The AI ​​models should also influence the ranking engine used by Bing in order to deliver the most relevant results possible. Even simple search queries without direct interaction with the AI ​​should bring better results to light.

The revised edition of Bing with AI technology should, for example, provide better results for simple queries such as sports results, stock prices, and the weather. If you want more detailed information, a new sidebar is also displayed. In addition, Bing now provides summaries of specific queries, so you no longer have to crawl through multiple websites to get more detailed information.

More extensive tasks are to be completed via chat

As with ChatGPT, Bing should now be able to conduct a kind of conversation with the user when it comes to more complex tasks. The search engine should also be able to help to carry out certain tasks. This includes, among other things, travel planning or the search for an electronic product that suits your own needs. The chat function is still only available after registration, for which the above-mentioned waiting list applies.

Appropriately, Bing also provides the necessary links to carry out specific actions after the conversation with the chatbot – i.e. to book trips or buy a television. Ultimately, however, the functionality should go even further.

Together with the Bing bot, the user should be able to develop specific ideas, such as writing an e-mail, putting together a specific itinerary for a trip, preparing for a job interview, or creating a quiz for the next round of guessing with friends.

Bing should always name sources and security is a top priority

According to Nadella, Microsoft wants to ensure that in addition to the answers from the AI, the links to the websites from which the respective content originates from which the answers were generated are always displayed. So all sources are always quoted, at least that’s what the software company claims.

What is striking about Microsoft’s announcements is that they obviously consider it necessary to expressly value the “safe” handling of AI technology. They want to integrate extensive security measures to protect against “harmful content”.

The main thing is to keep false information and misinformation under control and to prevent the spread of harmful and discriminatory content in compliance with Microsoft’s “AI principles”. According to the Microsoft boss, it is based on years of work that has dealt with the responsible use of AI technologies.