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Microsoft Delays November Patch Day Of Windows 10 Due To Holidays

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Microsoft will now pause the optional updates for Windows 10 again. The Windows team had only recently started to publish the so-called preview updates in the run-up to Patch Day.

Now it’s over for now – it is currently not entirely clear whether the break will apply immediately or not until December. One thing is certain: Microsoft will also pause the optional updates for Windows 10, as in previous years at Christmas time. The company has therefore announced the change for the coming weeks in the Knowledge Base on Patch Day NovemberIt says :

“Due to the minimal operations during the holidays and the upcoming Western New Year, there will be no 2020 preview releases for the month of December, the monthly service is resumed with the security release from January 2021.”

Safety always comes first

This applies to all Windows updates that are currently still supported. This means that at the end of the year it is again the same as at the beginning of the year – at that time, however, Microsoft stopped the previews due to Corona. The aim was to ensure that, despite the new work structure in the Windows team, the security of the users does not suffer. Now the changeover will take place again by the end of the year. In the coming weeks, Microsoft will again focus on the security-relevant updates.

The classic Windows Patch Day (the so-called B updates) will continue to be offered on the second Tuesday of each month. No preview release for December means that Patch Day will be the only full Windows update in November. There would only be an exception for an emergency patch. The optional updates and preview builds are only tested internally in advance of the December patch.