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Microsoft Designer: New Details Appeared Of The New Designing Tool

A few weeks ago, the first information appeared about a previously unannounced Microsoft tool called “Designer”. Now there are more details and a project name under which Microsoft is working on the Canva competitor. Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley has published these new details about the project. Your information comes from unspecified sources and some of the new information is based on Foley’s findings and speculation. Microsoft’s “Designer” tool was discovered by the Twitter leaker WalkingCat already in May.

It was then that https://designer.microsoft.com appeared, a new subpage of the company’s homepage, which revealed to some users an image editing tool after logging in with a Microsoft account, reminiscent of the Canva service. Canva offers templates and design options for Instagram and Facebook posts, as well as brochures, invitations, and the like. WalkingCat had published some images of the online tool, but then the preview disappeared. Currently, you can still register on the site, and you can also see a saved logo, but the site itself remains completely empty after registration.

Lots of speculation

According to the new Report by ZDNet, there is now some new information. Microsoft will therefore lead the project under the name “Oasis”. The project has still not been announced, but new references to it are now constantly being found. Foley is now speculating whether the new offering could be a successor to Microsoft Sway.

Sway hasn’t been updated by Microsoft since 2017, but it hasn’t been discontinued either. “There may also be synergy between PowerPoint Designer and this new design tool, particularly around the idea generation concept,” Foley writes.

No indication of a start date

Microsoft relies on an AI element to suggest ideas for suitable templates and content. Microsoft publicly discussed something similar a few months ago but did not present a project. There is also a second URL associated with the designer, create.microsoft.com. Foley also discovered the reference to Project Oasis there. Foley also contacted Microsoft: “I don’t know when Microsoft plans to release the Designer and Create previews. I’ve reached out for comment and am waiting for the usual ‘We have nothing to say’ response.