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Microsoft Releases New Business Security Tools

At this year’s Build developer conference, Microsoft announced new managed services from Microsoft Security. These tools are for companies and organizations. Some offers are now out of beta testing and are therefore generally available.

This also applies to “Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting”. Behind the unwieldy name hides a completely new offering that enables proactive threat search across corporate networks, using real experts and of course supported by an AI. With “Experts on Demand”, true Microsoft experts can be asked about a specific incident, attacker, or attack vector at any time with a simple click of the mouse. Customers receive specific safety advice on request.

The second major enterprise security innovation to take off now is Defender. The tools are called “Defender Threat Intelligence” and “Defender External Attack Surface Management (EASM)”. Some of the new technology for these two tools comes from the acquisition of security services provider RiskIQ. Microsoft bought the company last year for half a billion dollars.

Access to real-time data

At first glance, they offer similar services to Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting as it is a managed security service. However, according to Microsoft, the main difference between the offerings is that they provide customers with direct access to real-time data from Microsoft. The special thing about all the new tools is that Microsoft can use them to provide insight into weaknesses in the network that are otherwise only accessible to hackers.

know security gaps

Defender External Attack Surface Management helps customers discover unmanaged resources that could be potential entry points for attackers. In contrast, Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence provides data to expose attackers’ infrastructure and accelerate attack investigation and remediation.

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