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Microsoft Develops an Editor for Effective Designs

Microsoft seems to want to give users more options when setting up their user environment. As part of an “Unnamed Project”, a tool is being developed to create animated backgrounds with various effects. The information in question comes from Agiornamenti Lumia, a fairly accurate leaking channel. This reports on an app under development at Microsoft that simply runs as a “no-name project”.

This should, among other things, make it possible to provide background images with your own effects and animations, as is known, for example, from the Wallpaper Engine, a Steam project. However, little is known about the software and its classification as a product. It seems that it is mainly intended as a tool for the Xbox platform. However, it could certainly be used for Windows as well. The user interface resembles a simple video editing tool, so with relevant experience, you can get your first successes pretty quickly.

Easy to use

The software itself offers several ready-made effects that users can use to spice up their own designs. These are controlled via a timeline. However, it will also be possible to integrate your own effects into the tool, so that the possibilities are expanded accordingly. It is not yet known which technical requirements or formats are required for this.

Basically, the “Unnamed Project” is a tool that is already available in the market in several versions. However, Microsoft could ensure that usage is simplified and better integrated into the processes of its own platform. It will also have to be considered whether the software is primarily aimed at developers or whether it is made available to all interested users.

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