Microsoft Eases Development Of Windows 10 Apps

Windows 10 Apps

With the release of Project Reunion 0.5, Microsoft wants to make the development of modern Windows 10 apps much easier. The tool is a big step for developers as they can integrate features regardless of the update.

Windows 10 apps are now placed on their own basis

Windows and apps have a long, very complicated history that has also been marked by setbacks. The release of Project Reunion 0.5, which Microsoft announced today, can definitely be noted here as a happy day. The tool is considered a major milestone towards significantly simpler programming work for Windows 10 apps. “Version 0.5 is the first production-ready version of Project Reunion, as well as the first complete version of Project Reunion that includes WinUI 3,” said the developers.

Microsoft had already tried out the project in a preview for a long time but now wants to put it on a broader footing with the first release. In simple terms, the software primarily marks the adaptation of an important basic principle: Apps that are created with Project Reunion can use modern Windows functions and technologies as well as Win32 functions. Also particularly important for developers: Microsoft decouples the functions from the operating system, which avoids complications with updates.

Until now, it was quite normal for developers to wait until the corresponding Windows version had a sufficient user base to integrate new functions. “For some of you that could mean a delay of 1-2 years until a new role is available, you can take it over and the users can see it in apps,” the developers said in the blog post.

Backwards compatible up to version 1809

This incredibly slowing fact should now finally be a thing of the past. “Now you can use the latest version of Project Reunion whenever you want to get the latest features. You can rest assured that it will be available to all of your users on Windows 10 Version 1809 – this is the current Enterprise LTSC – and work newer “, so the team.