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Microsoft Edge Also Shares Website Through QR Code Following Chrome

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Since last week, the Canary version of Google Chrome has made it possible to share websites using QR codes. Microsoft has now followed suit and integrated the feature into the Edge browser. The download button still doesn’t seem to work properly.

Sharing QR codes is currently only possible with the Canary versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge . Build 84.0.495.0 is required to create a QR code with the Edge browser. The Canary version can be installed from an official company’s website. After installation, the user must enter “edge: // flags” in the address bar and activate the option “Enable sharing page via QR code”.

After the browser has been restarted, an additional button can be found on the right edge of the address bar. As soon as the user clicks on the button, a QR code that contains a link to the currently accessed website is generated. Here the user has the option to adjust the URL and shorten it if necessary. A URL can consist of a maximum of 84 characters so that a QR code can be generated. In the middle of the code, the T-Rex known from Chrome appears. The Dino could be replaced with the Edge logo with an update.

Code has not yet been downloaded

As is the case with the Chrome browser, the QR code cannot currently be downloaded. Although such a function is provided and a download button exists, the saved file only contains a black image. The feature currently seems to be under development and will only be added to the Edge browser shortly.

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