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Microsoft Edge Now Offers More Functions Security And Comfort


The Inspire 2020 conference uses Microsoft to present new functions of its in-house edge browser based on Chromium to partners and beyond that also to private customers. The focus is on privacy and improvements for professional and private use.

Since the update of the Microsoft Edge to the Chromium base used by Google Chrome, the browser has not only become more popular, the Redmond company itself has also become increasingly popular with new functions for private and business life. In a new blog post, the company discusses additional features that were partially announced during the Build 2020 developer conference and the first of which has already been rolled out. Microsoft not only wants to simplify usage but above all it also wants to increase the security of the browser.

Prevention of data leaks and simple “private / work” changes

Among other things, the so-called Endpoint Data Loss Protection (DLP) is now available as a public test version for the Microsoft Edge browser. It enables companies and their employees to protect sensitive documents, images, and files. The simplest example of this is a notice that informs users when protected company data is moved or uploaded from a secured folder to private environments. Possible data leaks are not completely ruled out, but can possibly be contained in advance.

Apart from that, the Edge team announces the availability of the simple switch between Microsoft’s personal and professional accounts, which was already discussed in mid-May. After a certain training phase, this is to prevent employees from accidentally logging into company areas with their personal account and vice versa. For example, if you surf on the Xbox website with Microsoft’s Edge, the browser prefers the private account. If you then switch to a SharePoint environment, professional access is suggested, which can be selected with just one click. A useful function, especially in times of home office work.

Mobile collections, readers for PDF files and translations

Finally, Microsoft is also drilling out its “collections” feature in the mobile version of the Edge browser under Apple iOS and Google Android. Collections can now be created, organized, and annotated on smartphones and tablets. The Redmond company is now also offering functions to have PDF files read aloud and translate entire websites into one of a total of 54 languages ​​with one click. However, these options are not entirely new. The “read aloud” function can be used on websites for some time, while a translator of this kind can also be found with the competitor Chrome, who benefits from the same Chromium base.

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