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Microsoft Edge Appears On Desktop Deliberately

Edge is and remains the “home browser” of Windows 11 and is also used with pleasure. However, many still prefer Chrome, Firefox, and Co. and delete the Edge shortcut from the desktop. This has recently reappeared without being asked – Microsoft is already investigating the matter.

Although Microsoft has been able to win many new fans with the revised Edge browser, it seems as if the Redmond-based company has a program of this kind for the first time that enjoys a reasonably high reputation. Nevertheless, many run away when they hear the words browser and Microsoft in one sentence – and delete Edge as a shortcut from the start menu and desktop.

Edge shortcut reappears without being asked

But that’s exactly where Edge suddenly reappears, without the users wanting it or being able to influence it. In any case, there are already numerous threads on Reddit that describe and activate the behavior. Apparently, this does not depend on whether you have set Edge or another browser as the default program of this type. The symbol appears again and again, so it always appears again, even if you just removed it there.

As Windows Central reports, Microsoft has already confirmed that they are aware of the problem and have announced that they are working on a solution. This is probably a bug, but there are certainly many Windows users who no longer want to believe in coincidences.

Bug or Deliberate Action?

Because Microsoft has tried again and again in the recent past to advertise its browser or other software products quite aggressively and has worked with pop-ups and other displays – directly on the desktop or the operating system. However, it is not clear whether this is the classic “bug or feature” or even a deliberate action, question in the present case.