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Microsoft To Add Split Screen Feature in Edge Browser

Split screen Edge

Previously, users had to use two instances of the Edge browser to view different tabs side by side. Microsoft has now been working on a new feature that should make multitasking easier. In split-screen mode, Edge is divided into two areas.

According to Windows Central, the new Canary version of Microsoft Edge makes it possible to open two web pages side by side. As one Reddit user noticed, this requires the experimental flag option “#edge-split-screen” to be enabled. The advantage of the split screen view is that you don’t have to open multiple windows. The split-screen mode is much clearer than running multiple browser instances in parallel. However, only the URL of the clicked page is displayed.

Feature only in the new canary build

At the moment, the new feature only works in the developer versions of the browser, so only a part of the users can currently access the function. If there are no problems during the test and the split-screen mode is viewed positively, the innovation could soon be found in a final build. It is conceivable that Microsoft will gradually integrate the feature into the browser with several updates.

Just a few hours ago It became known that Microsoft could fundamentally revise the Edge browser. A new user interface is to be introduced with a project codenamed “Phoenix”. Another innovation is a split view function. The Redmond company could use the canary build to test how often the feature is used in practice and incorporate the innovation into the redesign.

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