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Microsoft Edge Becomes Leading Browser After Chrome

Even with the sheer market power of the Windows operating system, Microsoft can push its new browser Edge to a market share of more than 11 percent — taking second place among desktop browsers. Internet Explorer, on the other hand, just doesn’t really want to die.

Chrome is just unbeatable on the desktop, but Edge is catching up

The statisticians of StatCounter have again analyzed and processed the current market share of browsers on different platforms. Accordingly, Microsoft can be happy that the Edge browser continues its steady rise. Last month, Redmond’s browsing software managed to achieve a 10.84% ​​desktop market share – up 0.2 percent from the previous month.

This puts Edge firmly in second place in the list of most popular browsers, which is still dominated by Google Chrome with a market share of 66.14 percent. However, Google’s browser suffered a significant drop of about 0.7 percent in July, while all other market participants posted gains. Mozilla Firefox saw the strongest growth last month, with a plus of 0.28 bringing its market share to 8.08%. Internet Explorer bravely defends itself against insignificance, retaining 0.75%. Desktop browser market shares in July 2022:

  • Google Chrome – 66.14% (-0.74)
  • Microsoft Edge – 10.86% (+0.2)
  • Apple Safari – 8.97% (+0.01)
  • Mozilla Firefox – 8.07% (+0.28)
  • Opera – 3.07% (+0.08)

Everything is different on mobile

In the mobile market, Google and Apple can further dominate the market with Android and iOS. Chrome comes in at just over 65 percent, Safari hits just over 24 percent. Samsung can put its browser solution in third place with the sheer number of devices, but with a market share of just under 5 percent. Other providers don’t even come close to the 2 percent threshold.

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