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Microsoft Edge Canary Version Blocks Notification Requests

Canary Microsoft Edge

Many websites send a notification to the user as soon as new information is available. Before the browser allows this, the user is asked via a pop-up window. With the new Canary version of Edge, these notification requests can be blocked.

While web page notifications can be useful, previous requests should bother most users while browsing. That is why Microsoft has implemented a way to generally ignore notification requests in the Chromium-based Edge browser. As soon as a request has been blocked, a message is displayed to the user on the right-hand side of the browser’s address bar.

Feature included in Canary version only

To be able to use the new feature, the current Canary version of the Edge browser is required. The function should then later be integrated into the final build. It is not necessary to activate a flag option before the notification requests can be blocked. The user only has to configure the feature itself. This is possible in the notification settings of the browser. 

The page can be called up by entering “edge: //settings/content /notifications” in the address bar of the browser. The “Quiet notification requests” function can be activated and deactivated here. The latest Canary version of the Edge browser can be downloaded from an official Microsoft website. The installation is over this link possible. The Canary Channel is updated with the progress of the development team every day.

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