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Microsoft Edge Enables Tab Groups By Default In Preview Version


Microsoft has released a new preview version for the Chromium-based Edge web browser. The update is ready for the dev channel and brings a number of new features and improvements – there is also news from the tab groups.

Microsoft is starting a new Edge build with the number 93.0.933.1 in the dev channel. The list of changes is very long this time. This also means that the tab groups that have already been started are now activated by default. In addition, the team has now also integrated the collections presented. You can now add existing tab groups to a collection or open the links of a collection in a tab group.

Dev update and stable version

You can get the latest pre-release version of Edge through the Insider Program. Details on the changes can be found in the Tech Community. The new version brings some important bug fixes. A problem that could lead to crashes is now also being addressed. There are a number of other known problems.

Release Notes

  • Tab groups were enabled by default.
  • The ability to add a tab group to a collection and to open the contents of a collection in a tab group has been added.
  • A management policy has been added to control which Internet Explorer Integration Cloud Site List to use. Note that the administrative templates and documentation may not have been updated yet.
  • Access to hand tracking data in Web XR scenarios has been enabled by default.
  • Fixed a crash when closing a tab.
  • Fixed a crash when opening tabs.
  • Fixed crash when closing tabs in IE mode.
  • Fixed crash on startup.
  • Fixed a crash on Mac when using context menus in collections.
  • Fixed crash when interacting with autofill popups.
  • Fixed a crash when using the “Find on Page” bar.
  • Fixed a crash when sending feedback.
  • A crash when closing the web widget has been fixed.
  • A crash under Windows 7 when using PWAs has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the new tab would sometimes not load.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac and Linux where the settings would go blank when looking for something.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cookies and Site Data page in Settings was blank.
  • Fixed an issue where passwords were not properly sorted in the settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the USB device permissions were not showing in the Site Information flyout.
  • Fixed an issue where collections would not sync and get stuck in the “Syncing …” state.
  • Fixed an issue where the site information dialog was too large.
  • Fixed an issue where the shopping flyout would sometimes get stuck and not close.
  • Fixed an issue where the X to exit a full-screen video would sometimes not appear when it should.
  • Fixed an issue where InPrivate would sometimes be available when it should not be available while using Family Safety.
  • Fixed an issue where the exit kid mode button would not work.
  • Fixed an issue where price comparison would trigger trivial savings.
  • Fixed an issue where no user interface is clickable on PWAs or websites installed as apps.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser would not close when clicking the close button on the prompt to close all tabs when tabs are open in IE mode.
  • Fixed an issue where modal dialogs would sometimes not display correctly when using tabs in IE mode.
  • Fixed an issue where devices running Windows 10 Pro for Workstations would sometimes not be properly assigned management policies.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrectly set management policies could sometimes cause downloads to fail.
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