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Microsoft Edge Gets A New Screenshot Function

Edge Screenshot function

The Chromium-based Edge browser has received another update. Microsoft has equipped the Canary version of its browser with a web capture option. This allows users to take screenshots of websites and then cut them to size.

For some users, the latest version has an additional option in the browser’s three-point menu. As Aggiornamenti Lamia on twitter demonstrates in a tweet, after clicking the button “Web capture” it is possible to select an area on the currently open page and thus take a screenshot, Windows Latest reported. After the desired section of the website has been marked, the screenshot can either be saved or shared. It is also possible to copy the picture to the clipboard.

Feature not available to all users

At the moment, the Redmond company still seems to be testing how the new screenshot function is accepted. Even with the latest Canary version, the feature is not available to all users. It is obviously an A / B test so that the entry in the three-point menu only appears for a certain number of people.

Function requires the current Canary version

If you want to try out the new screenshot function yourself, you should download the current Canary version of the Edge browser. The Canary builds are experimental versions that are updated daily. In many cases, the features provided here are then incorporated into a final build of Edge after a few weeks.

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