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Microsoft Integrates Disk Management Into Windows 10 Settings

Disk management

Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has been working continuously to incorporate numerous functions of the operating system into the system settings. Now the “Disk Management” tool for managing hard disks and partitions can be found here.

So far, the tool is included in the old control panel. With the program, it is possible to list all data carriers connected to the computer and to manage the partitions contained on them. Now the Redmond company has started to integrate the tool into the new system settings of Windows 10. This emerges from a tweet from Gustave Monce, First of all, the data carrier management can also be called up as usual via the system control.

Dev version and ViVeTool required

The current Insider Build 20715 of the dev channel must be installed in order for the disk management to appear in the system settings of Windows 10. More details on the latest preview version can be found in a blog entry from Microsoft. After the build 20175 has been installed, the ViVeTool is required. This enables you to activate and deactivate hidden functions. The tool can be downloaded from GitHub. After the download, the user must start the program using the console command “ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23257398 2”.

Now the feature is activated so that the disk management appears in the system settings. The corresponding menu can be called up by first opening the sub-item “System” and then “Storage”. If the data carrier management does not appear, it may be necessary to restart the PC beforehand.

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