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Microsoft Editor: New Notepad app for Windows 11 now in the beta channel


After an initial publication in the dev channel, Microsoft’s new editor (Notepad) is now also finding its way to users of the Windows 11 beta. The minimalist software for word processing has a modern look and also has a dark mode. For many Windows users, the editor is the first point of contact for simple notes apart from Microsoft Word or alternatives such as Notepad ++. With the introduction of Windows 11 in October 2021, Microsoft’s program, originally called Notepad, was neglected. Only now is the development picking up speed. Since the beginning of December, the revised version can only be found in the dev channel of the operating system, now all Windows insiders have the chance to try out the new editor in the beta channel.

Fresh look in mica design with dark fashion

Above all, the visual appearance of the minimalist app has been revamped, which no longer only benefits from rounded corners under Windows 11, but also from the new Mica design and a dark mode. In addition, both the main menu and the context menu (right click) as well as essential functions such as the search and the “replace” tool have been revised. The settings for the app design and the selection of fonts, styles and sizes continue to receive a fresh coat of paint. However, the latest version of the editor (Notepad) needs further fine-tuning, which is why the update via the Microsoft Store is still considered a preview. Elements like the page setup or the view for printing documents still look old-fashioned. In addition, the development status does not seem to have changed since the beginning of December. It therefore remains to be seen when the Redmond-based company will work on the last few points in order to also release the editor in the release version of Windows 11.