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Manual emergency update for windows server fixes December bugs

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Since the December update, things are no longer running smoothly for some Windows Server users. In addition to many small and annoying errors, a bug becomes a major problem: Access errors in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Now Microsoft is improving with an emergency update.

If the Windows server is stuck for a long time, Microsoft pulls out the pliers

How it is sometimes with updates: On the December patch day, Microsoft actually wanted to fix a few bugs, but provided server admins with a whole package of new and, above all, quite annoying problems. Like Microsoft in the support article with knowledge base numbers KB5008218 writes that on 14.12. the known errors range from slow log-ins, general slowness to the display of black screens. Another unsightly bug, according to the developer: “You may not be able to reach the server via Remote Desktop either. The server may no longer respond.” From now on, Microsoft can provide a remedy for server users. It comes in the form of an unplanned emergency update that has been in place since January 4th. is available and the marking KB5010196 carries. Since this is a cumulative update, admins can either skip the installation of the previous package or remove it. For the time being, availability is limited to Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2012 R2. The updates for the other affected platforms are to be released “in the coming days”.

Action needed

Since the innovations are not delivered via Windows Update or installed automatically, Microsoft points out once again that server administrators have to become active themselves. The way to manual installation is to search in the Windows Update Catalog, import via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is possible.

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