Microsoft Fixes TaskBar, Explorer, and Windows 11 WiFi Sharing

With a batch of new Windows 11 Insider updates, Microsoft is solving various serious problems, especially in connection with Explorer and the taskbar search. The Redmond company is also introducing a new function for sharing WiFi passwords via QR code.

Bug fixes, Copilot, and Xbox Game Bar

The Windows 11 pre-release versions of build 23570 (Dev channel) and build 25977 (Canary channel) are now available for download for members of the Windows Insider program. The developers are addressing two serious bugs in connection with the file explorer and the search within the taskbar, which were responsible for the respective apps or services freezing or even crashing.

Changes are also being made to the new copilot specifically for the development channel, which can now be used across multiple monitors. Microsoft is also saying goodbye to the console branding of the Xbox Game Bar. In the start menu and in the settings, the overlay optimized for gamers is only listed under the name “Game Bar”.

Share WiFi passwords via QR code

Completely new Windows 11 functions, however, are only available to users in the comparatively unstable Canary channel. Here, the Redmond-based company is testing an alternative option for sharing WiFi passwords via QR code. Probably an old hat for many router owners with guest access.

For the average consumer, however, it is a quick way to share your Wi-Fi access or mobile hotspot with guests – albeit slightly hidden in the settings (Network and Internet -> WLAN -> Manage known networks -> Show button).

Finally, the latest Windows 11 Canary build now supports Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) for hearing aids and new data protection information should apps use GPS or WLAN signals to determine the user’s location. If desired, notifications can be disabled in Settings (Privacy and Security -> Location).

This is how you can take part in the insider program

Participation in the Windows Insider Program is comparatively easy and free. You can find the appropriate menu in the Windows 11 settings under the menu item “Windows Update”. Here you can register your Microsoft account for the Insider program and then choose a channel that suits you. Please note, however, that in some cases returning to normal operation requires a reinstallation of Windows 11.

For beginners, we recommend the Release Preview or Beta channel to access comparatively stable builds, which in many cases can even be used on production devices. In order to try out the latest features early, it is necessary to choose the development channel (Dev channel) or the Canary channel.

Due to possible instability, in this case, we recommend installing on a second system or using the appropriate ISO files in conjunction with apps for virtual machines (VM), such as VirtualBox.

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