Microsoft Copilot: Edge For Android Combines Websites and PDFs


Microsoft has released another update for the Android version of its Edge browser. With the new Copilot function, users can have websites and documents summarized. The AI ​​tool can also answer further questions about the respective content.

The developers have updated the Canary build of the mobile browser and added the Copilot feature. The assistant can be started via a large icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. After clicking on the symbol, a summary of the currently open page is generated. This will allow Edge users with an Android smartphone to decide more quickly in the future whether a website is relevant or unimportant to them.

Read PDF Books Online or Download

The summary is intended to provide a better overview of the relevant page. According to Windows Latest, Copilot summarizes the content in a few sentences or creates a list of bullet points that relate to the topics covered. This means that users no longer have to read through the website themselves to get a more precise picture of the content.

In addition to the normal version of Microsoft Copilot, the Redmond-based company has integrated a feature called “PDF Copilot” into the browser. The function can be used in conjunction with PDF files and extract the key messages of long documents. For example, a business report can be reduced to the essential points. After the PDF document has been shortened using the AI ​​tool, the user can ask, for example, how the company compares to other companies.

Copilot writes posts

The service can also help you write posts for platforms such as LinkedIn. To do this, Copilot simply needs to be fed an initial idea. The tool then adds the specific information. The current Canary build of the Edge browser for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If no problems arise in connection with Copilot in the coming weeks, the function should soon also be found in the final version of the app.

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