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Microsoft Flight Simulator Starts Sim Update 10

After an extended beta phase, Microsoft is now distributing Sim Update 10 (X) for its Flight Simulator. Among other things, players should benefit from DirectX 12 improvements, optimized support for multiple PC monitors, and the integration of Nvidia’s DLSS.

In contrast to the so-called world and city updates, which introduce optical improvements for cities, landscapes and the like, the sim updates ensure technical fine-tuning. The tenth patch marks the start of Microsoft’s autumn and winter roadmap, the highlights of which also include the Anniversary Edition, which will be released on November 11th and will bring helicopters and gliders into the game.

From the extensive changelog, the highlights of which we list below, include DirectX 12 optimizations that should significantly improve the stability, performance and memory usage of the PC client. In addition, Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology is now available in the anti-aliasing and upscaling options.

Last but not least, Flight Simulator now offers an experimental power-saving mode for PC users, which among other things limits the rendering in the main menu and the game when running in the background to 20 FPS. V-Sync can now also be used to reduce the game’s power consumption.

Sim Update 10 Patch Notes (Version

  • Various improvements have been made to DX12 in terms of stability, performance and memory usage as we continue to work on the feature.
  • Please note that our new memory allocation for DX12 on PC for Nvidia graphics card users only will be activated once the next driver is available (will improve performance). Other graphics cards are already benefiting from the new allocator.
  • DirectX 12 support is currently under development and may show performance and GPU memory usage dips compared to DirectX 11. Due to the higher GPU memory consumption, the simulator may over-commit memory, which will negatively impact performance. If you lower the graphics settings, you can avoid this situation in DX12.
  • You can now add secondary windows to the left and right of your main window to increase your field of view, especially when using multiple monitors. This option can be enabled via the “Experimental” options menu in-game.
  • Nvidia DLSS is now available on PC as anti-aliasing and upscaling option.
  • We’ve implemented a new cloud layer system that provides more vertical precision at low altitudes to better reflect the different cloud heights and thicknesses at ground level.
  • We’ve fixed several systems related to activities in the bush, including improvements to the save system (cross-platform save and auto-save from last waypoint), improvements to the progression system, and making sure we refuel after each stage.
  • The VFR map has been updated and, thanks to the working title, contains a number of new quality features. Compatibility with the G1000 NXi external flight plan system has also been added.
  • The G1000 NXi is now the default G1000 in the simulator! This gives the G1000 a range of features very close to the real NXi unit including: VNAV, Procedure Turns, Holds, Arc Legs, Visual Approaches, Accurate Autopilots/Modes, Full RNAV and much, much more.
  • New keybinding options are now available for the visual assistants of the scroll and navigation bands and the display of multiplayer nameplates.
  • All moving boats in the game now have a wake effect on PC. Note that not all boats in the world move.
  • Low Power Mode is now available for PC users via the Experimental options menu in-game. In the menu, this option now shows a blurry image instead of the hangar in the background. There are other options and behaviors to reduce the power consumption of the simulation: you can enable V-Sync, the framerate will be capped to 20 FPS when you minimize the window, and it will be divided by 2 when you start a download.
  • Removed encryption of cfg files for Premium and Deluxe aircraft to allow modification of the behavior of these aircraft.
  • A new package ordering system is also available on PC via the in-game Experimental options menu. The way the content.xml file works has changed and may affect the behavior of your add-ons if written directly to this file.
  • There is a new landing challenge as Spotlight Event where you have to land Cessna Citation CJ4 at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. Due to the low cloud cover, this challenge requires the use of ILS to land successfully.